Sherlock Jr. 1924

Dir. Buster Keaton
My rating: 9.5/10

A very funny film, with wonderful slapstick comedy. I particularly enjoyed the scene when Keaton first started dreaming and was standing in the film as it switched scenes, dropping him on the edge of a cliff, into busy traffic and into a literal lion’s den. It was very clever and quite meta-fictional to have Keaton jumping in and out of a projected film as if it were a physical dimension, and I can’t wrap my head around how he did it, so I’m sure it blew the audience’s minds in 1924! I almost wish the film were longer so that the central love triangle narrative could have been better developed, perhaps if Sherlock Jr had been inspired by his dream to win the girl back, rather than her just coming to him at the end having already discovered the villain’s trick herself.


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